Factors include: size of business, reporting requirements, and personal preferences. For example: inventory control.


Maintain financial records by determining missing transactions, and discrepancies from deposit or bank statements. Keep track of unpaid bills, without incurring late penalty fees.


Assess the accuracy and reasonableness of financial reports generated using accounting software. They compare data to previous reports and use their experience to identify potential errors.

What we do


Focus is to maintain local business to mitigate, minimize or prevent late payments, and maintain good credit while building or maintaining a business.


Proficiencies include: Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Employee reimbursement, WSIB, Remittance, Tax reporting, Estimates, Invoicing, and reconciliation.


Web and graphic design is available. Background includes publishing and project management.

Essential Skills



Use bookkeeping and accounting software to record transactions. For example: Quickbooks program is used to record financial transactions and prepare pay cheques, invoices and monthly financial statements, including balance sheets and income and expense statements.

Accounts Payable

Prevent unpaid balance penalties, by receiving up to date balance reports.

Accounts Receivable

Account aging report, tracks outstanding customer payments, not yet received.

Brand Identity

Maintain brand identity using social & multi-media campaigns, signage & traditional print media. Logos identify business in any campaign.


Develop a business analysis relationship between PEST and SWOP approaches.

Digital receipts with Quickbook integration.

Scan and record transactions without opening Quickbooks company file.

Advantages include:

  • Document archival
  • Receipt storage
  • Tax tracking
  • Recording transaction type
  • List of Vendors and Categories
Tax Filing

File Taxes on time or earlier, and plan for the year ahead. Do not miss out on claiming a large number of deductions and tax credits.

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